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Ding Le Mei - Forbidden Journey Across China 

Join Ding Le Mei (Edwin J. Dingle) Founder of the Institute of Mentalphysics as he journeys through Burma, China and Tibet in search of ancient manuscripts and carefully guarded secrets that were held too precious for the multitudes.

Enjoy this 70 minute slide presentation of his travels that includes RARE original hand-tinted glass slides (from the early 1900's) and audio footage in the voice of Ding Le Mei.

Please be patient while each slide loads

Reader Comments (1)

It is a joy to see your new website! A Great Teacher such as Ding Le Mei and the sacred Teachings he brought to the west need to be honoured properly, and this beautiful web site both does that and surely will attract many more people internationally to learn and benefit from them.

May 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPatrick M

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