C-2:  Inspirational talk on Value of Chanting. Your Own Spiritual Breath. Seven-Fold Position, Transmutation Exercise. Chanting with instructions. Prone position (Chanting and Transmutation Exercise).


C-3:  Memory Developing Breath: Seven-Fold Position, Triple Breath, experiment of the Object, Chanting, Transmutation of the Throat. Prone Position, Chanting, Feeling perfection of the body with Emphasis on heart, lungs & digestion.


C-8:  Teaches us how to develop the “Inner Sight”. Triple Breath. Transmutation Exercise. Feeling the Force, Levitation, reaching the Heights, Merging of the Aura with the Universal Aura. Chanting.


C-10:  Chanting: Extremely effective and beautiful. Embracing mysticism of Spiritual Chanting, Transmutation Exercise—the Universal “OM”. (If you have never experienced the thrill of chanting, you have a treat in store.)


C-12:  A Visit With Ding Le Mei: Review of what we learn in Mentalphysics. Ding le Mei reviews his life mission and service to humanity. The Holy City is sung by Raymond Buell. Aggregated talk, Ding Le Mei tells of his dream and prayer for New City.


CS-1:  Science of Mentalphysics is Self Directed Evolution. Seven-Fold Position, Instructions; Triple Breath, Meditational Transmutation. Blessing of Eyes, Ears, Nostrils, and Mouth. Chanting, Single, Triple and Hum Chant. Prone Position: feeling the Aura, all is Light!


CS-2:  Seven-Fold Position, arm exercise preceding triple breath. Triple Breath detailed instructions. Transmutation exercise, chanting: Single Om and Ascending Om. Instructive and beautiful words of Wisdom.


CS-3:  Introductory talk on Light and Wisdom in relation to the personality. Seven-Fold position, instructions on posture. Triple Breath, transmutation exercise. Developing the Inner Eye, Chanting, Directing the Force.


CS-4:  Introductory  talk, “Quest of the Human Being”, instructions on practice. Memory Developing Breath with Affirmation. Seven-Fold position with Instructions. Transmutation Exercise. Deep meditational Thoughts, Chanting.


CS-6:  Introductory talk, Seven-Fold Position. Triple Breath: Inspiring talk, Several anecdotes, talk on the Value of Mentalphysics. Meditational Transmutation exercise. Excellent class from start to finish.


CS-7:  Pursuing the “Pure Gold of Life” on a personal level then becoming true reflectors of “The Light” in lifting up Humanity. Triple Breath, Experiment of the Object, meditational transmutation, Chanting, dispelling negation.


CS-8:  A rare combination of Spiritual wanderings and skillful explanation of the deeper purposes and meanings of Mentalphysics. Your Own Spiritual Breath with affirmation. Seven-Fold position, Chanting, Transmutation Exercise.


CS-10:  An all-time favorite recorded at an October Convention. Memory Developing Breath, Triple Breath (no instructions), transmutation Exercise, Chanting, ends with a very beautiful allegory of the dawn.


CS-13:  Advanced Work: Triple Breath, Experiment of the Object, Meditational Transmutation Exercise, chanting interspersed with spiritual wandering and words of wisdom.

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