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D-2:  Advanced Work #2: Opens with remarks on purity of heart. Triple breath, Transmutation Exercise on eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth. Prone position, inspirational talk on advanced work, Chanting and Transmutation Exercise. Ding Le Mei comments on Aura, Light and Right Living—day-by-day.


D-3:  Introductory talk dealing with :”Fountain of Morality”. Seven-Fold position: Triple Breath, Experiment of the Object, Transmutation Exercise, Chanting, Prone Position, Instruction for use of “emptiness” between cells of body.


D-5:  Beautiful talk on Merging of Light, how to use the Light to overcome difficulties. Seven-Fold position, Triple Breath: Experiments of the Object. Three kinds of Chanting, Prone Position.


D-6:  Advanced Recording: Talks on All for Universal love, Walk in Peace and Freedom, Perfection Is Our Goal, and “Finding God”. Seven-Fold position with full instructions, Triple Breath. Experiment for development of eyes, ears, nose, throat, etc. Chanting—Merging of Physical body with Universal Aura.


D-7:  Talks on Value of Advanced Work: True Meditation, Purity of Heart and Mind, Seven-Fold Position with full instructions, Triple Breath. (Ding Le Mei gives some instructions on how to travel through space and related an experience dealing with traveling back (Spiritually) to visit with his old Master). Seven-Fold Peace Chant. A must for your audio library.


DS-1:  Ding Le Mei talks to Initiate Preceptors (22 minutes) Triple Breat, Transmutation Exercise. Beautiful Chanting.


DS-3: Ding le Mei talks on what the Life of an Initiate Preceptor consists of, plus becoming a full Preceptor, aggregation talk.


DS-4:  Key Breaths #1, 2 and 3 given from point of view of the Initiate Preceptor conducting class. Special talk to Initiate Preceptors.


DS-6:  Key Breaths #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 interspersed with comments between breaths: Healing Breath, Breath #8, inspiring talk, Grand Review.

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