B-1:  Introductory talk: entering advanced work, seven-fold position, Triple Breath-instruction. Transmutation Exercise. The “How” and “Why” coupled with some of the most beautiful “Words of Wisdom” ever recorded by our Beloved Teacher.


B-2:  Memory Developing Breath with Affirmation: Seven-Fold Position. Triple-Breath with Instructions: Transmutation Exercise, Chanting, directing the Force. How to develop the ability to feel and see own aura.


B-3:  Beautiful talk on training of the mind through right habits. Memory Developing Breath with Affirmation. “Three Experiments” with explanation. Spiritual Wanderings. Chanting. Talk on “Music of the Silence”.


B-3A:  Introductory talk: Memory Developing Breath, Seven-Fold Position, Three Experiments with explanation, chanting, inspirational talk, informative and illuminating throughout.


B-6:  Advanced work: Opens with Meditational Transmutation exercise, chanting (with explanation), and inspirational talk. Pep talk on practice of Mentalphysics.


B-7:  Memory Developing Breath: Perfection Breath. Seven-Fold Position. Chanting. Superb talk as to the importance of Mentalphysics. Class is majestic in its beauty of content.


B-8: Inspirational talk on organizing our powers and using them. Memory Developing Breath with affirmation. Talk on how to seek and become Channels of Light. Discussing tenet, “Whatever the Creator is I Am” Prayer and Healing Breath.


B-10:  Royal Art of Meditation: Inspiring talk on Meditation with demonstrations. Ding Le Mei tells of some interesting experiences he has had in meditation. Information most necessary for students.


B-12:  Introductory talk: Farewell to Intermediate Group, looking forward to Inner Chamber. Memory Developing Breath: Seven-Fold Position, Comment on preparation for the “Three Experiments”. Triple Breath: Three Experiments, Chanting, Single-Fold, Three-Fold, Seven-Fold chant. Three Experiments in a different form, ver excellent. Universal Vibration.


BS-4:  Inspirational talk on Realizing and Fulfilling our Mission in Life. Memory Developing Breath, Instructions on “Stilling the Mind, developing power of Concentration and Achieving Peace.” The Three Experiments and Instructions. Ding Le Mei’s own personal definition of Mentalphysics.


BS-6:  Inner Chamber Class: Advanced memory Developing Breath, Cave of the Moon Exercise. Spiritual wandering through the silence with comments on the depth of the soul’s memory. Chanting interspersed with comments.

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