Initiate Group Course

The Science of Mentalphysics Initiate Group Course

Lessons, Affirmations, Meditations & 8 key breaths in Ding Le Mei's Voice


The “Breath of Life" 

(Mentalphysics/Brahmavidya) is an ancient unique scientific Yoga system of right Thinking, Breathing and Meditation that literally Renews Your Life!  Thousands of years old, this system was developed to remove the root causes of illness and promote the Keys to Health, Success, and Transformation.  In this method of Yoga and Philosophy, it is maintained that spiritual functions are related to physiological functions of the ductless (endocrine) glands.  The role of meditation is emphasized in realizing the spiritual nature of a person and uses transformational exercises involving breathing to support and nurture related physiological ability.  Blending these practices throughout the ORIGINAL 26 Initiate Course Lessons AND 8 Key Breath Exercises, the Teachings of Ding Le Mei create powerful transformational awareness shifts of reality to assist each person into tapping into the Universal Mind.  As each person's connection to their Divine Intelligence is strengthened, he/she is guided firmly and gently where the subconscious mind is assigned the central role in bringing about physiological and spiritual transformation.  The ORIGINAL Eight Key Breaths for Scientific and Spiritual Breathing, and the simple yet unique meditations and affirmations are therefore crucial to this system.

Initiate Group Course - 26 Lessons - $159.00


A-8: The Eight Key Breath instructions and affirmations.


AS-18:  The Eight Key Breaths with affirmations. Healing Breaths, followed by inspirational talk. Recommended for students who no longer need instructions on Breaths.



The Inner Chamber

A series of 124 advanced teachings and exercises in four Volumes designed for students of Mentalphysics who have completed the  Initiate Group Course


Please call for more information 760-365-8371


The Preceptor Course

The Preceptor Course -Teachers' Training Course in 48 lessons.  This course is only available upon completion of both the Initiate Group Course and Inner Chamber Course. 

Student must have a sponsor for admission.

Preceptor Course - $279.00

Preceptor Course 8 CD Set - $125.00

Please call for more information 760-365-8371