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Breathing Your Way To Youth

BREATHING YOUR WAY TO YOUTH: This volume, Breathing Your Way to Youth, deals mainly with the physical aspect of the teaching of The Science of Mentalphysics.  It offers practices for the development of Body, Mind and Spirit, and is power in the hands of those who are willing to discipline themselves to follow the teachings.  Through ancient breathwork, affirmations and meditation practitioners learn to transmute the human qualities of our nature, leading to rapid transformation of consciousness to awareness.  Mentalphysics is a method, not a creed or dogma that has been used by sages for thousands of years to tap into powers of the true capabilities of humankind.  Those who wish to learn more about these teachings and are welcome to make inquiry regarding the Initiate Course, Inner Course or Preceptor Course, in both home study/online courses or live classes.  This book is HIGHLY suggested for those of you taking the courses, as additional reading.

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