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BREATH - The Flywheel of Life by Edwin J. Dingle - Ding Le Mei







Brahmavidya - (Mentalphysics in India)

Brahmavidya, (Mentalphysics teaching in India) is a Science of Life teaching human beings the spiritual laws of life. These Spiritual laws operate in human life through Breath and Thought. We cannot think of life without Breath or Thought. Hence Brahmavidya teachings emphasize on Breath and Thought, which are the basic elements of life.

Though we are using Breath and Thought right from our birth no one has ever taught us correct way of Breathing or Thinking. You will be surprised to know that average person uses only 10% of his lungs capacity. Brahmavidya teaches a) Spiritual Breathing Exercises, which improve breathing and b) Meditation techniques, which improve thinking. The Breathing Exercises purify the body and Meditation purifies the mind.

Brahmavidya is not like a medicine, which is meant for a particular ailment. It is a system, which helps to remove root cause of illness and promote health. Breathing Exercises and Meditation have been found useful to get rid of asthma and other breathing troubles such as chronic cold & cough, high blood pressure, spondilitis, backache, heart trouble, joints pain and many other ailments.

The practice also improves mental outlook of the person and makes him more positive, cheerful, optimistic and confident. Due to better physical and mental health a person can do his daily work more efficiently. This can make him more successful at his job, his business or his profession.

Brahmavidya teaches that every human being is potentially divine. Hence he has within him all the power required to overcome his difficulties and problems. Brahmavidya gives definite methods by which a person can overcome all of his physical and mental problems and lead a healthier, more successful and happier life

This is a very ancient system of Spiritual Practice or Sadhana. The System of Practice originated in India, then migrated to Tibet and has now come back to us from Tibet by way of Edwin J. Dingle (Ding Le Mei).


Brahmavidya Sadhak Sangh is now embarking upon an ambitious project to build its own Ashram. Click the picture to the left to view the beautiful location of the new Ashram. Click HERE to read more...


Mentalphysics Worldwide




Frank Lloyd Wright and Son Architecture - Institute of Mentalphysics

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered the most influential American architect of the 20th century. His legacy is an architectural style that departed from European influences to create a purely American form, one that included the idea that buildings can be in harmony with the natural environment.

Frank Lloyd Wright spent more than 70 years creating designs that revolutionized the art and architecture of the twentieth century.  Many innovations in today's buildings are products of his imagination.  In all he designed 1141 works - including houses, offices, churches, schools, libraries, bridges, museums and many other building types.  Of that total, 532 resulted in completed works, 409 of which still stand. 

The Joshua Tree Retreat Center at the Ding Le Mei Institute of Mentalphysics, has the largest known collection of Lloyd Wright buildings. Most of the architecture was started by Frank Lloyd Wright and completed by his son, Lloyd.

Wright's creative mind was not confined to architecture.  He also designed furniture, fabrics, art glass, lamps, dinnerware, silver, linens and graphic arts.  In addition, he was a prolific writer, an educator and a philosopher.  He authored twenty books and countless articles, lectured throughout the United States and in Europe, and developed a remarkable plan for decentralizing urban America (Broadacre City) that continues to be debated by scholars and writers even to this day - decades after its conception. 

Wright is considered by most authorities to be the 20th century's greatest architect.  Indeed, the American Institute of Architects in a recent national survey, recognized Frank Lloyd Wright to be "the greatest American architect of all time."  "Architectural Record" magazine (the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects) declared that Wright's buildings stand out among the most significant architectural works during the last 100 years in the world. 

 Wright practiced what is known as organic architecture, an architecture that evolves naturally out of the context, most importantly for him the relationship between the site and the building and the needs of the client. For example, houses in wooded regions made heavy use of wood, desert houses had rambling floor plans and heavy use of stone, and houses in rocky areas such as Los Angeles were built mainly of cinder block.


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