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Article about Mentalphysics in Vision Magazine - February 2011

The City of Joy: A Creative Vision That Has Inspired Generations

by Kevin Collins and Jody Curtis

“In the mountains of California, above the Mojave lies a plateau overlooking the desert, sloping to the East, facing the morning sun, into the West where San Gorgonio’s snow-capped peak reflects the glow of the setting sun. Here, The Institute of Mentalphysics is planning and building its city. Moved by a sense of the tranquil nobility and eternal beauty of the desert, I have planned, not a city of asphalt, paving and steel, or of tight mechanical grid and congested living barracks [but] a city of the Desert, spacious, free-sweeping; its broad floor carpeted by myriads of desert blossoms; its residents dwelling at peace, and sharing with the soil, sky, and trees, their joy of living, its centuries old Joshua trees standing like sentinels above its homes.”—Lloyd Wright, Architect

Lloyd Wright is referring to the building of the “New City of Mentalphysics,” the “City of Joy,” a creative vision and partnership he had with Edwin John Dingle, now known as Ding Le Mei, to over 220,000 students of the Science of Mentalphysics worldwide. (Ding means “Great Man,” a sign of highest respect, given to him by his Master Teacher Padmasambhava.)

Being an orphan, Ding Le Mei vowed that his new city would include an orphanage, as well as a nursing home, organic farm, housing for the homeless, spiritual centers, a school, and a variety of classes and teachings. As he explains in his own words, “You know that from boyhood, being myself an orphan, I ever entertained the hope of building and maintaining an orphanage and school for those angels of the world who have known no mother’s love, no father’s guidance. For many years, long, long before Mentalphysics was born, this ideal came from God. With the years it grew. With the advent of Mentalphysics, and consequent enlargement of my faith, it expanded, as most of my beloved students are aware. To such an extent was the vision given to me that it finally came to embrace the culminating mission of building the ideal city of the world.”

Ding Le Mei risked his life on a mapping expedition and spiritual quest across China in the early 1900s as he entered Tibet. In his quest for spiritual knowledge he became one of the first Westerners to enter a Tibetan Monastery where he was recognized as a highly evolved soul. There he discovered the mysteries of Asia and India, secret wisdom passed along from master to pupil, from generation to generation, for countless ages, beginning, perhaps, six or seven thousand years ago.

curtisOn November 7, 1927, Mentalphysics was born, and the prophecy of Edwin J. Dingle’s Master—that he would one day become a great teacher—was fulfilled. Ding Le Mei combined the spiritual wisdom of the East with religious knowledge of the West to form a Super Yoga. The teachings of Mentalphysics combine ancient universal truths, breathing exercises, diet control, recognizing and working with one’s individual chemistry, exercises, affirmations, and meditation. New students are introduced to the universal laws which, if followed, are believed to lead to mastery of oneself and all of Life. In the original teachings, and in a step-by-step manner, Ding Le Mei shares 21 years of knowledge given to him in the Temples of Asia. He says, “It is not just information; we are building a new consciousness.” It is a way of life, of deeper awareness, and methods for purifying the mind (in Thought) and body (in radiant health), which have been used for thousands of years. The 8 Key Breaths, unique Lessons, Meditations, and Affirmations have been the means of revolutionizing the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

As these teachings are sacred and rare, they were closely guarded for those who are seekers of Truth. These precious teachings and wisdom of the ancients are preserved in Ding Le Mei’s “Science of Mentalphysics” or “Brahma Vidya” (the Ancient Secret), as it is called in India.

When Dingle arrived in the Mojave Desert and discovered this pristine piece of desert land, he said he witnessed a great light from above and was told that this was indeed the place to build the Institute and the City of Joy, and that roads would be made to carry people to this place of respite. In 1941 the Mentalphysics Spiritual Teaching and Retreat Center was dedicated in Yucca Valley (now Joshua Tree).

wrightDr. Dingle and Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Institute based upon the principles of Mentalphysics as well as sacred geometry. In alignment with the principles of the Mystic Seven in all spiritual undertakings, the original plans were to include seven centers: The Caravansary of Joy; Haven of Gratitude; Temple of Reverence; Abode of Breath; Castle of Sound; Mansion of Light; and Manor of Silence. Frank Lloyd Wright designed Dr. Dingle’s home, the Ridge Cottages, Water Terrance Dining Hall, and the Caravansary of Joy, a 700-foot-long structure with motel-style rooms and a meeting hall. His son, Lloyd Wright, completed the buildings.

Ding Le Mei passed from this life in 1972, but his dreams of the New City are very much alive today in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of thousands of students of Mentalphysics. The center is finally completing construction on the swimming pool and warm pool that were part of Dingle’s original design; plans are in the works for additional accommodations for future visitors. The center is used today not only by students of Mentalphysics, but also by many individuals and retreat groups seeking a quiet, peaceful place for spiritual contemplation and training.

Kevin Collins and Jody Curtis are Teachers of the Science of Mentalphysics and the 8 Key Breaths. Classes are available online or by mail order for home study. The Institute of Mentalphysics also offers the Breath of Life class, covering the 8 Key Breaths. For more information, please visit or


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Sunday Services 1/9/2011 - Tibetan Chanting

"Tibetan chanting is done traditionally by monks and nuns in monasteries as an offering to the Enlightened Beings. Chanting or even hearing the chants will automatically place one in natural, meditative state, also inspiring the implementation of prayers in one's daily life."
Ven. Michael Yeshe will explain the significance and benefits of chanting and teach a few simple mantras which can then be chanted all together.
Sunday, January 9th, 2011 at 10 am in the Lotus Meditation Building
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Hear an example of a Tibetan Chant for Enlightenment below:


The Movie: Unmistaken Child - Jan 13th, 7:00pm 

The Movie Unmistaken Child (Documentary on the discovery of a Reincarnation at Kopan, the  Monastery from where Ven. Michael Lobsang Yeshe also originates)

"Visually stunning and moving religious documentary that gives the outsider a rare eyewitness report on the four-year search for the rebirth of a Tibetan lama in Nepal. Shot in the villages and countryside of Nepal, Unmistaken Child is a film of unexcelled beauty, both physical and spiritual."
 Ven. Michael Yeshe will introduce the movie and answer any questions afterwards. (Michael himself was raised in the monastery in Nepal where the previous Lama had taught for many years.) 
Sunday, January 13th, 2011 at 7pm
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