Breathe Your Way to Youth, Health, and Vitality with the original

"Breath of Life" teachings of Edwin J. Dingle (Ding Le Mei).

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MENTALPHYSICS Offers a Wholistic Approach to Spiritual Development.

MENTALPHYSICS is an experiential method of self-realization that teaches the oneness of life embodied in all substance, energy and thought.

Edwin John Dingle, known as Ding Le Mei to over 220,000 students of the Science of Mentalphysics worldwide, was born in England in 1881. He later became a journalist establishing a publishing empire in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  Risking his life on both a mapping expedition and spiritual quest across China in the early 1900’s, he entered into Tibet.   There he discovered the mysteries of Asia and India, secret wisdom, passed along from master to pupil, from wise man to wise man, for countless ages, beginning, perhaps, six or seven thousand years ago.  In his quest for spiritual knowledge he became one of the first Westerners to enter a Tibetan Monastery.  It was there that he was recognized as a highly evolved soul, and therefore stayed to study for a long period of time.

For 20 years he traveled through China, India and Tibet. Upon his return to the West, he began sharing the teachings and practices he had learned in Tibet, first in New York (1927) and later in Los Angeles, California ( where he founded the Institute of Mentalphysics in 1928).  The Institute was then moved to Yucca Valley, California, the land acquired in 1941.

Ding Le Mei (Edwin J. Dingle) combined the spiritual wisdom of the East with religious knowledge of the West to form a Super Yoga. The teachings of Mentalphysics combine ancient universal truths, breathing exercises, diet control, recognizing and working with one's individual chemistry, exercises, and meditation. New students are introduced to the universal laws which, if followed, are believed to lead to mastery of oneself and all of Life.

The Science of Mentalphysics teaches that Prana or life energy, is a substance, a subtle form of energy that both animates life and carries intelligence. It is universally distributed and is what the Soul uses to communicate with. Using the mind-substance, as activated through the Breath of Life – 8 Key Breaths, one is able to activate the creative powers within. Students are also instructed in meditation, which leads toward tapping universal wisdom and development as a mystic. As a mystic one understands truth, life, and one's potential through experience.



In 1941 the Mentalphysics Spiritual Teaching and Retreat Center was dedicated in Yucca Valley (now Joshua Tree).  The Center, which is on 400+ acres of pristine desert land is used today not only by students of Mentalphysics, but by many retreat groups seeking a quiet, peaceful place for spiritual contemplation and training.

The retreats for the Mentalphysics teachings are also held here on this sacred land. Please be sure to visit our many vortices and note that the buildings and other structures are all designed by Ding Le Mei, Frank Lloyd Wright, (and son) Lloyd Wright, using sacred geometry. The energy here is unique and healing. Come visit us!


More About Mentalphysics


In 1914 Edwin J. Dingle, F.R.G.S – Ding Le Mei, as his students in Mentalphysics call him – published in Shanghai his “New Map of China.”  the publication of this bi-lingual map at once established his reputation as a geographer.  The ”New Map of China” was an unqualified success, and at once became China’s standard map.

He writes in his preface to that work, “of producing in the Far East a volume requiring the joint labors of European and Chinese Translators, draftsmen, engravers, lithographers, machinists and bookbinders (to enumerate only a few of the craftsmen whose cooperation is essential).

For his geographical achievements, Mr. Dingle was honored with Fellowships by the Royal Geographical Society and the American Geographical Society.  



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